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Oh wait---they aren't being honest?

Guess what? President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and many others who want an unarmed American populace, for reasons that are obvious to people with brains,(hint: unarmed people can't stop robbery, rape, and murder, whether perpetrated by criminals or a government turned criminal) have been LYING about the use of American weapons in the lawlessness of Mexico.

They've been saying that 90% of guns found in Mexican crime scenes come from America. And guess what? It's just not true. See the story here.

It's a misused statistic. 90% of guns sent to the US for tracing turn out to have come from the US. Only 17 % of guns are sent to the US for tracing. The 90% that came from America include weapons sold, legally, by American arms companies to the Mexican government, that have been stolen in Mexico. Also, it includes weapons provided by the American government to differing sides of conflicts in Central and South America over the last 20 years. The weapons have since been stolen or simply the people we thought were worth supporting, weren't. (US Presidents aren't always good judges of character. Or, maybe they are, and we didn't judge their character well.)

So, the President, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, various Congresspeople and Senators want to deprive you of your Second Amendment rights to protect the Mexican people based on a lie. Makes you wonder what their true motives are, doesn't it? Or does it make it obvious?

Folks, America is at a crossroads, with our very liberties at stake. The liberties that we have long held are granted by our Creator. Remember, your rights don't come from the government. You don't have freedom because you are an American. Your freedom is given by your Creator. America is just a nation that is supposed to recognize those rights. But some people don't want you to have that freedom. They want you to pay your taxes, so they don't have to pay theirs. They want you unarmed, so that they can do what they want. They don't want you voting by secret ballot, don't want you to keep the money you make, don't want you saluting the American flag.

And who is they? President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Attorney General Holder, Speaker Pelosi, and others.

People, we're past needing to read Atlas Shrugged. It's time to read Animal Farm.



  1. "Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."

    P.J. O'Rourke

  2. I'd have to disagree.

    If you give whiskey and car keys to teenage boys, you basically know what's going to happen. They'll drink themselves stupid and wrap themselves around the nearest tree...

    It's unsafe, but predictable. I'm thinking the government, it's way less predictable...


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