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Sermon Recap for March 27

Good Morning! Here are the sermons from March 27. We did questions and answers from the congregation for most of Sunday night, but that’s not here.March 27 AM: Risen Indeed! John 20 (audio)March 27 PM: John 20 (audio)

Foreign Authority: Matthew 8

In Summary:

Matthew shifts from the Sermon on the Mount to the itinerant ministry of Jesus, showing Him healing and teaching throughout Galilee and the surrounding region. This comes “when Jesus came down from the mountain (Matthew 8:1),” giving us a relative time marker for these events. Further, the notation of “large crowds” following Jesus down from the mountain tells us that these events do not go unwitnessed. It is also noteworthy that Matthew presents the events of chapter 8 in context of the teaching of Matthew 5-7. We cannot separate the teaching of Jesus from the actions of Jesus.

Matthew 8 gives us the well-known stories of the healing of the Centurion’s servant and Peter’s mother-in-law (not the same person!) We also see Jesus still the sea and challenge the Twelve regarding their faith. We see at least two disciples speak for higher commitment, but it appears that they do not follow through with the necessary actions. The chapter concludes with Matthew’s telling of the de…

Sermon Recap for March 20

sGood afternoon! Here are the sermons from March 20, as well as the audio link for March 13’s sermon. There was no evening service March 13 due to impending severe storms.March 13 AM Sermon audio linkMarch 20 AM Sermon audio linkMarch 20 PM Sermon Link

With Authority: Matthew 7

In Summary:

We finish the Sermon on the Mount today, looking at several passages that are usually presented as stand-alone moments in Scripture. Remember, though, that this is presented as one sermon. Even if one takes the view that Matthew composited several different sermons into this one record, the Holy Spirit inspired this to be written as one message. (I think it was one continuous sermon from Jesus, anyway.)

That means we should not cut a divide between the opening passage, the oft-misapplied “Do not judge” (Matthew 7:1,) and Matthew 7:20 where Jesus highlights that “you will know them by their fruits.” One should therefore be careful attempting to apply one of these without considering the other! Further, we see the fairly well-known “Ask, seek, and knock” passage fits in the middle of this as well.

Summarizing the Sermon on the Mount is the comparison between the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who did not. These are stand-ins for the one who hear…

Sermon Recap for March 6 2016

Good morning! Here are yesterday’s sermons:Morning Sermon: “Cleaned Already” John 13 (audio)Evening Sermon: Introduction to Judges (audio)Morning Notes:March 6 AM: John 13 "Cleaned Already" Gathered for the Passover--there is a time to be together Gathered does not exclude even the wicked (Judas) Before the worship comes the service Before the fellowship comes the assurance of God's power Before the worship comes the cleansing--Peter are cleansed by the presence of Christ in their lives Before the fellowship comes the reminder of how life picks up dust After the fellowship and after the worship comes the obedient service.When it's all said and done, here are our choices: Serve the Lord Jesus by serving each other Betray Him.This is why:     Our mission as a church is to walk with Jesus and take as many people with us as we can In Children's ministry, that is our goal In youth ministry College/career, Senior Adults, Music--anything that does not…

Sermon Recap for February 28

Good afternoon! Here are the sermons from Sunday, February 28.Morning Sermon: A God, not a Box! 1 Samuel 5 (audio)Evening Sermon: Introducing Joshua (audio)