Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apr 9 2009

Motivational quote: "Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances." -Thomas Jefferson

Thought #1: My high school chemistry teacher used to say "While all around you are losing their heads, keep yours." This is one of the keys to handling life. Stay calm, don't flip out because everyone else does.

Thought #2: Look at Jesus and the disciples in Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus knows His purpose, His plan. He knows that, since He is God, God will not allow His purpose derailed. We should know that, if we are walking in obedience, God will not allow His purpose derailed, and stay calm and unruffled. Our times are in His hands.

Prayer: Lord God, that you take me back, willing to forgive and restore, is a marvelous grace. Let me not take undue advantage, but help me not shy away from You for fear of rejection.

Proverbs 9:9 ->Part of wisdom is being always learning.

John 20:17 ->Clinging doesn't accomplish God's purpose. Let go.

John 20:19 ->Peace comes only from the resurrected Lord.

John 20:5 & John 20:8 ->If you'll actually look into the empty tomb, you'll understand. and believe.

1 Timothy 4:2 ->Can people with a seared conscience recover? Seared meat doesn't. Can a seared conscience open back up? or are they seared in, unable to see their own lies?

1 Timothy 4:3 ->There are practical realities of life, the need to marry, to eat, that ought not be discarded. Spiritualizing your control over people's lives is wrong.

Reminder link: Here's a way to look at Scripture applied to some of our modern communication methods. Think about the Scriptural warning about your words, and realize that typing them doesn't excuse you.
Moving toward the Horizon,

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