Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Basics of the blog

Some basics on this blog:

  1. This is me doing an 'open journaling' project. What you see is what I wrote in my journal. Sometimes there are warts, sometimes not.
  2. I keep my journal in a Franklin Covey planner, using a 2-page per day format. The 2nd page is a blank sheet for notes, so this is where I keep those notes. I then simply type what I wrote.
  3. Except the motivational quote/thoughts section. The motivational quote comes from the top of the page. Now, not all of these quotes come from great Christian leaders. They are business quotes, some of these folks are new age religion people, some are other forms of fruits and nuts. The thoughts are my responses to the quotes. Sometimes they are well connected to the quote, sometimes they're disagreeing with the quote, and sometimes they're just weird tangential thoughts.
  4. Feel free to interact! I would love to see your thoughts about any of this stuff!
Moving toward the Horizon,

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  1. Here are some more quotes from business and cultural leaders.


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