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Random thoughts

I skipped church tonight. I know, I shouldn't do that. But, you see, I did something to my knee at work, and couldn't hardly walk, and with all of the motrin (excuse me, non-branded ibuprofen) I took, my asthma started acting funny. I try to avoid going out in public when I can't really breathe or walk straight. Call me crazy.

Going forward, I've been home alone now for about 2 hours. I don't really do alone very well. I like to think that I can handle it, but I really do like to be around people. It's just that it needs to be the right people. I think that's where so many of us falter. We seek numbers of people without going for depths of relationships. Anyway, just a thought.


Just a quick note to those of you who are in charge at your places of employment:

Figure out how you want to run the place! If you work with a structured level of management, don't bicker about who needs to do what in front of the people at the next level down, and don't take out on your underlings the fact that you aren't getting your way with the next level up. You don't like being treated that way, neither would you accept that behavior from the people that work for you, so don't treat your workers that way!!!!

This is my rant for the day from the box place. If you want to know what it's like to work there in front-line management, just repeat that 10 times a day, every day. I go to work, do what the boss tells me to do, then get yelled at by one of the other bosses for doing what I was told. This is not just me, but several people at my level. This leads to low morale, bad attitudes, and people working at the bare minimum of their job requirements. Wha…


Well, life continues to be an amalgam of chaos and peace around the house here. On the one hand, our June deadline of finding a full-time job or additional part-time job for me is bearing down pretty hard, without any definite answers. There are a lot of possibilities, but it's very hard these days to find a job where you can just walk in and start. Moving through this, though, is a sense of peace that God will provide.

This is something that we're really struggling with. First of all, we all like to talk about knowing God is our provider, but our budgets and lives are based around making sure we have enough employment to cover our bills. To be still and trust goes against our 'common sense' and leads to the belief that someone in our situation should just 'go out and get a job.' Or, since I already have one, I should go get another one. Trouble is, I've been looking, but I haven't found anything on third shift, which is the only available time fo…