Thursday, April 2, 2009

Apr 2 2009

Motivational Quote: "All our talents increase in the using, and every faculty, both good and bad, strengthens by exercise"-Anne Bronte

Thought #1: Why do we need reminded of the obvious?

Thought #2: It's important to realize that all things, we're exercising something, whether for good or bad.

Prayer: Father, You alone can help me through today. Thank you for creating me. There is no reason for You to love me, but You said You do, so I will trust Your word. For I must trust your word!

Mark 14:27 ->Even knowing this, Christ still washed feet, broke bread, and loved his disciples. And we get agitated if somebody didn't vote 'yes' on a motion.

Isaiah 49:6 ->It is too small for us to only grow our churches.

Proverbs 2:6(NLT) ->So how will we get knowledge without Him?

Proverbs 2:9(NLT) ->There is nothing God's wisdom cannot address.

Proverbs 2:22(NLT) ->The wicked get what they want: separation from the godly.

1 Timothy 3:11 ->Perhaps a reminder that their wives should be a part of the family of faith as well? And faithful in all things: not just a few, but all things. Careful with words: in other words, not the source of the problems her husband is having to deal with!!!

Moving toward the Horizon,

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