Friday, March 13, 2009

Mar 13 2009

Motivational quote from the top of the page: "The worse the news, the faster you should tell people." James Faludi

Thought: Is there any worse news than the fact people that die apart from Christ will go to hell for all eternity? Shouldn't we remember that bad is basically defined by its distance from good? And since the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the absolute best news, the absence of it would be the absolute worst news?

Prayer: Lord God, we have really good news, and really bad news. In truth, we should be telling people faster than any other news gets around. Give us a passion to do that!

Rev. 3:3 -> There is no new word from God. Remember the word you already received. Better yet, there is one Word, the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. Don't need a new one.

Rev. 3:2 -> Complete? or Perfect? The word gets translated both ways. It's not that they aren't done. It's that they aren't what God expects them to be.

Isaiah 7:12 -> Ahaz is refusing God's help, but dressing it up in nice, religious-y language. Stop it.

Isaiah 7:8 -> God's promises aren't vague. He brings about what He wills when He wills it.

1 Samuel 7:4 -> Baal and Ashtaroth were idols for prosperity, earthly victory, and sensuality. We need to put these aside from our lives and our churches!

1 Samuel 7:10 -> God thundered and smote! ->God's protection needs no human intervention but is based on His covenant promises. The Israelites were promised earthly protection, His people today are promised eternal protection.

1 Timothy 2:11 -> Is this general to all women? Or should this be just about wives? Wives of believers? Wives of preachers? (1 Timothy is, after all, primarily direction to pastors. earlier Paul broadens 'men' by saying 'all men' why not here if he means everybody?)

1 Timothy 2:11 -> at the risk of over-allegorizing, the church is the 'bride' of Christ, or the 'wife' of Christ, which is the same term as 'woman' in Greek. So, the 'bride' of Christ needs to listen to the 'bridegroom,' the Lord Himself, without arguing or bickering.

Moving toward the Horizon,

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