Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking back---Mar 6

Looking back, it's been a busy week on the blog.

Started off by sharing some of the disjointed method I prepare sermons. Look for that to come up again next week, but hopefully more cohesively. I did that as much to learn about my methods as to share them. We'll see how it goes. Watch for the 'sermon prep' tag. [And share some thoughts if you have them]

I also did some book reviews. Just as a disclosure, I get free books to review. The commitment? I have to write and post the reviews, and I get to keep the books to use as I see fit. That's my recompense. However, since I like books, it's a good deal. I also end up reading books I never would have picked, like this week's This is Your Brain on Joy. I also just did my first kid's book review, which has a video of someone who looks like me, but is incredibly cuter.

We're set up for a family movie night at the church, and are going to eat with one of the Sunday School classes tonight. I've realized that one of my challenges as a pastor is to not be a Sunday/Wednesday lecturer, but to spend social time with people.

Let's see, this week also brought my first contribution to my retirement account. Yep, buy stock now before there's none left.

On the book front, I pasted links to some reviews to consider. I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., so his book of course gets a nod, even though I didn't get a free one to review. (I get books from Nelson, and Crossway is his publisher).

I discovered that Statcounter's blocking cookie keeps self-destructing. I don't know why.

One day this blog was the first search result for 'Doug Hibbard' in Google. Then it was the 2nd, behind a lawyer in New York with the same name.

Ann and I celebrated the payoff of our van! (YAY!! 175,000 miles and still going. Dodge does make some good ones) And the payoff of the last student loan from OBU days!! (and that's the good OBU, not OkBU) What's that mean? for the first time in 9 years, no car payment! And down to the student loan from one of the master's degree attempts. But it's progress.

That's about it. I read a great quote from John Calvin on another blog, I don't think it needs my adding to it, so I'll close with :

DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed: Calvin Quotes
Sum of the Christian Life: Denial of Ourselves (p. 690)

We are not our own: let not our reason nor our will, therefore, sway our plans and deeds. We are not our own: let us therefore not set it as our goal to seek what is expedient for us according to the flesh. We are not our own: in so far as we can, let us therefore forget ourselves and all that is ours. Conversely, we are God’s: let us therefore live for him and die for him. We are God’s: let his wisdom and will therefore rule all our actions. We are God’s: let all the parts of our life accordingly strive toward him as our only lawful goal.


  1. Doug,

    That is an awesome and very convicting quote. I think I'll print that one out and put it on the fridge.


  2. I thought so too. I also read one from Spurgeon the other day about not neglecting what God has said to others, which was very challenging to me.


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