Thursday, March 5, 2009

Book Review: Roxie Munro's Go!Go!Go!

I got the chance to review Roxie Munro's Go! Go! Go!

I have a 2-year-old son who absolutely loves books. His two older sisters know how to read, and he wants to read when they do. Except, well, 2-year-olds that can read are scary. But we give him books and let him pretend.

Then we got Roxie Munro's GO!GO!GO! And now he has sat with this book for 30 minutes at a stretch, several times, and gone through every last flap. He knows how to find the fish and make it disappear, he unfolds every last flap. This book has picture depth that holds his attention.

Also, the flaps are sturdy. Will they hold up for a long, long time? Maybe not, but they also don't rip very easily. Hey, we're talking toddlers, right? There are some things you can't guarantee against forever!

Just to show you, here's a video of the primary reviewer:


  1. Doug--Thanks very much to you and your adorable two-year-old for the great shout-out to Roxie Munro's GO! GO! GO! I'm Roxie's editor at Sterling Publishing and we had a ball working on the book together. We couldn't be happier to see it in the hands of an appreciative kiddo! All best wishes, Meredith Mundy Wasinger, Sterling Publishing

  2. How cute....I loved the "daddy can you help me".....Makes me wish mine was that little again....

  3. Wow! This has to be the cutest book reviewer I've ever seen. His comments are so descriptive. Of course, being his nanny (grandmother), I'm not one bit biased in my assessment. He made ME want to go out and buy the book!

    Submitted by Nanny B.


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