What are we made for?

Something we need to consider is that while we are born with sin, we are made for fellowship with God and obedience to Him. 

What are you allowing to define your life?  What do we spend our greatest time on?  What we are born with?  Or what we are made for?

Praying for us all to be what God created us to be...

"The conversion of one soul is worth the labour of a life time. 'Unto us is this favour given that we should preach among the gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.' Hold on, therefore; be steady in your work, and leave the result with God." "Be encouraged, my dear son. Devote yourself wholly to your work. For this is the cause God has had in His mind from eternity, and for which Christ shed His blood, and for which the Spirit and the Word were given. So its triumph is certain."

--William Carey

to his missionary son, William


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