Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My response to the election results:


Oh, wait. That was going to happen anyway. In fact, even if we had all voted for Chuck Baldwin we would still be going to die. And, even though I am staunchly and fanatically pro-life, we wouldn't have stopped the slaughter of the unborn. 8 years with a pro-life president, and we're still sacrificing our children. Not only in abortion, but many conservative people sacrifice their children on the altar of greed, success, and vicariously living out our own athletic dreams. Did I want Sen. Obama to win? No. To be honest, I didn't want Sen. McCain to win. I was hoping for a third-party or independent candidate that we could have gotten behind, that stood a chance. Oh well. Starting January 20th, my President is Barack Obama. May he have the good sense to drift more towards the center, and help unite this country, may our country enjoy peace during his presidency. May God keep him and our country safe.

Back to my ranting:

What will happen? Well, if all the campaign promises are kept, then our national government will get bigger, require more taxes, impose more laws, and try to be friendly enough that nobody will hate us.

What would have happened if McCain had won? Well, if all the campaign promises had been kept, then our national government would have gotten bigger, required more taxes, imposed more laws, and we would have done our best to kick anybody's backside who didn't like us.

Not a lot of difference, is there? Ultimately, there are wars that we will have to fight, whether we're friendly or not. Ultimately, our country has to figure out where our moral compass is going to point. There are too many things that divide us based on our moral viewpoints and beliefs. Our country has to determine if we are going to act as if there are moral absolutes or not, whether our historic Judeo-Christian ethic will continue, or if we will trade for a different worldview. Then, we've got to figure out how we will live together with those decisions.

As we go forward, remember that our time here is but a vapor...we are made for eternity. Let's not let disappointment or disillusionment turn to anger and bitterness that we don't need in that world. In fact, they won't do us much good in this world.

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