"Faith asks no signal from the skies,

To show that prayers accepted rise,

Our Priest is in His holy place,

And answers from the throne of grace."

This quote is used by Charles Spurgeon in his devotional book from today, November 3. It's obviously a quote from somewhere, maybe from his own sermons, maybe from a hymn that we don't sing anymore, possibly from a poem, since it rhymes! I want us think about it. As we move toward the horizon, we should understand that our faith requires believing without signs or signals, just trusting that God will act as He has said. This is a challenge for us who like confirmation and interaction, that our faith involves trusting God to honor Himself and His word without our seeing how or any intermediate action. Will you trust today? Will you act today, assuming that God has heard you and will act out of His grace? Let us do so!

Moving toward the Horizon,



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