Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19

Drat, I missed a day. Sorry about that.

Today, I want to challenge myself to trust God with my needs. One of the challenges that the explorers of the 1400-1500s faced was the need to carry all of their stuff with them. They had little idea at the beginning, how long they would have to be provided for based on what they could carry, because they did not know what lay beyond the horizon.

Our lives look like that too. We are challenged to make sure we provide for all of our possible future needs, because we don't know what's out there. Now, I'm all for good stewardship, for using wisely what God gives us, but we need to remember that God is always our provider. The Israelites found enough manna each day in the wilderness for that day. The only time there was extra was the day before the Sabbath, so that they could honor the law of God and worship and rest that day.

If we extract that principle, God gives us what we need for today, and what we need to be obedient to His direction in our life, which includes all aspects of stewardship: giving to Kingdom work, helping the poor, preparing for the future (but this does not mean hoarding! Having enough for a reasonable emergency is one thing, having enough for every possible thing that could go wrong twice over, that's another story).

We have to learn to trust His provision for each day to come as we follow Him, because we can't pack enough for what's over the horizon. We can only trust the One who has been there.

Moving toward the Horizon,

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  1. Very nice post Doug! I am from Phila. PA and wish you and your family blessings each day for what He provides. I would like you to visit my blog and a blog of my friend. My blog is and my friends' is May God bless you and your family. Everyday is a Thanksgiving, but I wish you and your family a blessed one on Thursday.


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