Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Peaceful Revolt

Ok, I've hit this on my other blogs, but I'm going to bring it up here, too.


I keep hearing about it on the news, that major races are completely uncontested. Congress has a lower approval rating than President Bush, yet we have dozens of races with no opposition. My own state fielded only obscure, unheard of opposition to the current majority party in Congress. How is it that we are so apathetic that people are completely uninterested in serving their community, state, or country? And with the newer voting machines, we seem to have eliminated the classic 'write-in' candidate, so we're left with the option of voting for someone, or leaving the spot blank. Then, only statistical analysis will show that, while someone may have received 100% of the vote, they didn't get as many votes as ballots were cast. If we are going to hold our elected officials accountable, we have to be able to vote for someone else.

Therefore, the Doug for President campaign challenges you, the blog-reading nation, to act! I challenge that, whatever party or platform you support, you strive to make every race in 2010 a contested race. Let's get more people on the ballot to match more people at the polls. Consensus in this country may only come when we break the 2-party deadlock by involving additional groups like the Green Party, the Constitution Party, the Libertarians, and true independents!!


  1. I agree completely... thinking and praying about 2010 and 2012 myself...

  2. I agree.

    You think I should run for the School Board first or should I aim high and run for the State Legislature?

  3. Jeff--I'm with you. Actually considering 2010. Have big plans for 2012, which I'll share with you later.

    Shelly--where are you passionate? Do you want to work with the school board or tackle everything? Where can you give someone at least a modicum of challenge? Run for mayor, school board, city council, congress, wherever you want to.

    We've made great strides this year in pushing back the voter apathy of recent elections. Let's keep it moving!


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