Stretched out

I just got done answering another question on the Ask a Pastor blogspot. It's been challenging me the past 2 days, as I've gotten some good, probing questions. They are helping me to stretch my mental and spiritual self to answer them as well as I can. I want you to consider that as we move forward with our relationship with God, it will not always be easy, and will, in fact, require us to stretch out past our normal points of stopping. I encourage you to find ways to begin to stretch yourself. You may need to start with simply reading your Bible once a day. You might need to start listening to some challenging preaching...I have some suggestions if you want them. It might be time for you to start teaching a class or at least helping with one. I'd suggest some people need to start using your computer to start a free blog here at blogspot, and share your walk with others.

It's time to do something---let it stretch you.
Moving toward the Horizon,


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