But we're a little church!

I received my November prayer update from www.reachukraine.org and found this little story in it:

A couple of weeks ago we were a part of a church
dedication service for one of our key partner churches
here, in a city named Volnogorsk. Although this church
only has about 100 members, they have been involved
in planting 5 daughter churches, as well as helping to
conduct many evangelism events in their region. We
have partnered with them many times. The two photos
at top from right were taken during the dedication
service. Pray for God’s blessings on the church in
Volnogorsk and for their pastor, Sasha Romanyuk.

I want to challenge all of you who think that you are part of a church that is too small to do anything about reaching the world for Christ: GET OVER IT!!!! This church runs 100 people, and they have been a part of starting 5 additional churches to reach others. Please, let's stop making excuses, and start making disciples!


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