Monday, January 20, 2014

Proverbs 20: January 20 2014

Proverbs 20:21 informs us that it is better not to jump out to a larger early lead in baseball, but to accrue and sustain to the end.


After all, an inheritance gained early in the big inning will not be blessed.


Moving on, there are actually some valid points in that verse.


First, an inheritance gained hurriedly? Certainly we understand that murder should gain an inheritance, but there are also ways that one generation pushes the other out without death. We need to be wary of actions that treat people as if they have expiration dates.


One area that this rings very true is in our Christian circles. It is far too common to have the prior generation sent to the sidelines because “we have a spiritual calling,” as if the ones who have been around have no spiritual connection. Let us not make this mistake—age brings grumpiness in some, but wisdom in many.


Second, an inheritance gained hurriedly? Hurriedly. Without taking time to grieve. Without considering the true loss that the material inheritance cannot replace. This inheritance is not worth much.


Third, let us flash forward to Luke 15:11 and following, as we see the son who receives his inheritance early. He then comes to know only one thing: the grace that followed his loss.


May we have the wisdom to come straight to the grace, without hurrying our inheritance.

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