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Weird Wednesday Aug 12

Weird world Wednesday (August 12 2009)

Headlines spotted on twitter:

RT @foxnews: Man Who Fell From Tree to Rescue Cat Dies || Idiot! They'll come down. When was the last time you saw a cat skeleton in a tree?

RT @washingtonpost: GM Says New Electric Car Gets 230 Miles Per Gallon || When did electricity start coming in gallons?

Report: Michael Vick drawing interest from at least five NFL teams – (And to think I only draw interest from banks.)

Pau Gasol of Los Angeles Lakers has surgery after hurting left hand during practice with Spain -(Maybe he shouldn't practice with the whole country. Just a few guys would be enough)

Important tip from Yogi Berra: "Never answer an anonymous letter."

A favorite w/us homeschoolers: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." Mark Twain

Hanson halts streaking Nationals in rout – (I'd run away from Hanson too. Although I'm not sure streaking nationals are who I'd run with.)

From the Answers in Genesis Website:

5. The Telegraph: “ Creationism Question in ‘Misleading’ Science GCSE”

This is a longer article showing how “open-minded” British evolution proponents are. They are concerned that students shouldn't even know what creationism or intelligent design teaches to be able to refute it. Click the headline to read that article. It mentions one James Williams, who is a lecturer in education at the University of Sussex. Here's the last paragraph of the article:

In related news, the same James Williams quoted above has urged evolution indoctrination begin in primary school, reports The Argus . “Misconceptions set in primary school will be very difficult, if not impossible, to correct over ten years later,” he said, attacking such television programs as The Flintstones and Barney that feature human–dinosaur interaction (in the evolutionary worldview, dinosaurs died out about 65 millions years before modern humans appeared). Does Williams assume that rather than having good scientific reasons for accepting creation, all creationists have merely been brainwashed by children’s television shows?

This includes the news flash that: CARTOONS DON'T ADEQUATELY REFLECT REALITY!!! Wow. I needed an atheistic British professor to warn me that the Flintstones aren't real. WHAT NEXT? Will he tell me that if I shoot a duck with a shotgun at close range, he can't put his bill back and call the rabbit beside him “despicable”? That, in reality, the bad guys wouldn't have locked the A-Team in a tool shed with a welding torch and plenty of steel to armor plate a tractor? I'm a little disturbed, though, that he's singled out Barney without raising concerns about the presence of a wooly mammoth on Sesame Street or the idea that Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy were able to marry. Aren't we concerned that children will believe inter-species mating will be possible? Or does that support evolutionary ideas, that perhaps at some point a frog and pig mated and begat----Gonzo?

Other weird news: Not much else today.


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