Saturday, May 9, 2009


This week's random thoughts:

1. It's probably better that an anti-God President skipped the National Day of Prayer. After all, since he's all for child sacrifice, and God called Molech 'the detestable god of the Ammonites' over the child sacrifice issue, would we want someone praying to a detestable god? Didn't think so...

2. That one was heavy. To lighten up: If you hope to receive a pessimism award, are you automatically disqualified? Or should you give up on it?

3. How is it McDonald's can make great fries, but lousy burgers? Can you not have the same quality requirements for cows as potatoes?

4. You shouldn't leave your weather radio off when storms are predicted...

5. Who had the bright idea to create iced coffee? And then apply the idea into the 'Frosty-cino' at Wendy's? Because that thing is hideous.

6. Check out a great 'Mom Job Description' here at Herding Grasshoppers!

7. Everyday Mommy's doing a giveaway at her blog, because she's generous. Take a look around her blog, there's some very good stuff.

8. I want one of these. Actually, I want 2. One for home, one for the office. Coffee on demand! It's like a morphine pump, but without the pesky need for IV hookups, doctor's prescriptions, or any regulations at all!

9. I did Famous Dave's Restaurants a disservice when I was in Kansas. I said Dave wasn't famous in Arkansas. Well, Dave's got a BBQ joint in Little Rock. Ribs aren't as good as some others, but everything else is well worthy of Dave getting Famous!

10. Ever buy anything from If not, you should check them out. They just had their infamous 'Blackout' sale, but they run good promotions at least every other month. Defend yourself from unnecessary optimism or ridiculous motivational slogans!

11. Got to say something about swine flu. I don't have it. In fact, swine flu has killed fewer people since the beginning of the year than lightning strikes (based on approximate data for both). And the regular flu has definitely killed more.

12. If I weren't paranoid about putting it in print, I'd give you my paranoid conspiracy theory about infectious diseases and the US over the past 30 years or so. But they're watching me....

13. No, I didn't go see Star Trek. I want to see Star Trek. I will see Star Trek, Transformers, and several other movies, probably when they hit the Redbox here in town. I think it's a little irresponsible for me to blow $17 to see a movie when I have debt to get out of and bills to pay. So, I'll get to see them on Monday nights, with my free Redbox movie code! (And I can pause it if I need to go the bathroom. And eat popcorn that's freshly popped, with the perfect amount of butter and salt. And drink Caffeine-free Coke, while Ann has her Diet A&W, and not have to hire a babysitter, not have to worry about something happening and having to leave a movie I've paid a lot to see, and...well, you get the idea.)

14. My wife and I have 'date night' on Friday nights. What that entails for us is to put the kids to bed, then we cook supper just for us, play games, watch a movie, do a project, something that is just focused adult interaction time. We'd like to go out, but, first of all, we're in Monticello, so there's not a whole lot to go do, and second, we don't have budget enough to pay babysitters and go do stuff. Those of you who live close enough to family to get them to do it, count yourself blessed. Last night was date night. Steven wanted to have date night, I told him he needed a 'wife' and he said to find him one, so I said I would. Later he comes to me in tears, asking for his wife. Oops. Dad overpromised that time. I'll find him one eventually, but he's only TWO!

15. One of our cats has taken to trying to escape every time we open the door. Last Saturday, right as the first round of storms (the one with 9 inches of rain, not the EF-1 Tornado), Smokey decided to sprint out of the house. We had just gotten in from Little Rock, where we had driven through the storm line into town, through the storm line coming home, so we knew what was coming. I couldn't leave her out in the rain (mainly because she got out past Angie, and I knew it would devestate her for the cat to be in the rain), so we're trying to herd the cat back inside. I'm chasing her, almost have her, trip in the ditch, roll my ankle, twist my wrist, and land on the cat. The cat claws out from under me, literally, I can't grip her because my left hand is trapped and my right hand is the one I just hurt, so she gets away. Fortunately, she's now scared of being fallen on my an overweight monster that she runs inside. It's been a week. My wrist still hurts, but it's getting better. Stupid cat.

That's this week's random rundown.


  1. Doug,

    Our date nights are about like yours :0)

    Hilarious cat story. You guys have been having some "interesting" weather. Yikes.


  2. As to #13... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Redbox is ending their free Monday promotion at the end of June or July. They were originally going to end it in May, but they extended it.

    Bummer. We have taken full advantage of it!


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