Friday, May 29, 2009

The promised randoms

Ok, I left you hanging last week, with no random thoughts. Here's what I've got so far:

1. (This was already on my twitter feed, but it's worth repeating) is thinking that many more trees must die before I go this route:

2. Redneck Axiom of life #47: That which does not kill me makes a great home video.

3. I was watching ESPN the other day, and they were advertising Nutrisystem for Men, to help men with weight loss. Who's in the commercial? Dan Marino, good idea. Mike Golic, another football player, also a good idea. Some lady in a bikini? What are they saying? That if I use Nutrisystem, I'll look good in a bikini? No thanks....

4. I just finished Unit 1, Level 1, of Polish in Rosetta Stone. I'm now capable of asking for a plate in Polish. I can't ask for the bathroom, the airport, or how I woke up in Poland, but I can ask a doctor for a plate or a policeman for an apple. So, in certain circumstances, I'm good.

5. Memorial Day last weekend prompted a History Channel rerun of Band of Brothers. I remain in awe of those men, and the men and women throughout history that have fought for what is right. May we never take that for granted.

6. We bought a $30 Wal-mart special grill this week, so far I have managed to make chicken, burgers, and steak all taste like lighter fluid. Laissez les bon temps roulez!!

7. Odd moment from the past two weeks---an ex-fiance 'friended' me on Facebook, asking how I knew a lady she knew, that was showing up as a mutual friend. It's somebody I had one dance with in high school, and actually had a crush on for a time. Small world, no?

8. It's a running joke in our family about being attacked by giant chickens. Then I found this website: The Poultry News Network. It's real, people. Lock your doors.

9. I mowed the swamp this week. I'll have tire tracks for the rest of the summer now.

10. Still want to sell our house in Mississippi. Anybody want it? Its rented out, so it's a great investment opportunity!

11. One of the Texas Baptist groups is calling on their churches to try and present the Gospel to everyone in Texas in their native language by next Easter. Sounds like a good plan. Anybody else want to take it on? I'm thinking I'll see how many we can get to in Drew County.

12. If we don't get the mosquitos under control around here, I'll get denied next time I try to give blood.

13. I now carry a Blackberry Pearl. It's great. But I have a tip for all of my fellow BB users: You don't have to grab it everytime it notifies you of an email!! Give it a rest.

14. Saw the new Night at the Museum movie. It was a worthy sequel to the first one. And movie critics need to understand something: Most of us do not go to movies to experience realism or reality. I have enough reality. I go to movies for escapism. I don't care that it's unrealistic no one would notice Abe Lincoln's marble likeness roaming around DC. Really, I don't. Because, to be honest, it would be better than who is roaming around DC: POLITICIANS!!


16. I couldn't come up with 15!

have a great weekend!!



  1. Love the Polish lesson. I don't know... it might be more useful to ask a policeman for an apple than to be able to tell him, "This is my yellow pencil." (If I remember rightly, that's the first Spanish I learned.)

    Sorry about the mosquitoes.

    Night at the Museum... good for kids?


  2. Night at the museum, I thought, was good for kids. There might be some questions they'll ask, but it seemed good to me.


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