Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Observations

Here are some of this week's random observations:

1. Swine flu, H1N1 influenza, whatever it may be, you don't want it. But if you are at home, hiding from it as our Vice-President encouraged, you'll want to consider this book list! Things you don't want to read when you have swine flu.

2. I'm thinking about using a riding mower to get to and from work. I could do community service on the way there and back.

3. The yard looks better when mowed. it would look even better as astroturf.

4. The Bulls/Celtics series needs to decide the NBA Champion. Use the swine flu as an excuse if you need to.

5. Sometimes it's aggravating to sit in seminars led by people younger than you. Than I realize, this guy's on the road doing seminars. I'm going home to my wife. Best of luck, kid!

6. Wal-mart is not my favorite place to be.

7. I did Famous Dave's a disservice when we were in Kansas. I said Dave wasn't famous in Arkansas. He's apparently working on it...he's got a place in Little Rock. Going to check it out tomorrow if anybody wants to join in.

8. If anybody's wondering, Dave has good barbecue chicken and beef, if you're kosher!

9. Preachers are incredibly stubborn. On that note, pray for Dr. David Mitchell of Monticello, First Baptist. He was in a pretty intense car accident Wednesday night, and is still planning to preach Sunday.

10. Pray for Journey Church, Monticello, too. They have to listen to a preacher in a tie this week, which is different for them ;-)

11. Some days, I'd like a tamer career. Like herding cats.

12. Why does the cat want out, then freak out immediately and want back in?

13. Cats have no brakes, which is pretty funny when two slightly pudgy felines are chasing each other on hardwood floors. They change directions, but never stop, until they go tail-first into the wall. It really does look like a Looney Tunes cartoon...

14. That's all folks...


  1. Ahhh, thanks for the laugh, Doug. I like your lists :0)


  2. Ive got a random observation for ya. While checking out this other blog I read, I found out aChristian Rescue Missions use a money finding company that also promotes Gay and Lesbian issues. The company is called Omnicom and the gay thing is called FH Out Front or something. How's that for funny.

  3. Anon 5/8-> a "money finding company"? I'm going to look up what that would be. If it's simply a service provider, it's not exactly something to evaluate a group's viewpoints on. One could find fault that I use a beverage provider that supports gay and lesbian issues, or that I utilize an insurance company that discriminates against same-sex couples, but each of those decisions are business related, not morality related.

    I know that as believers we have to be discerning, but at some point, if you boycott doing business with those who do business with those who disagree with you, you're going to run out of people to do business with, and you won't change anyone's behavior.

    Now, if you have a company that claims to be Biblically driven, but supports/funds/endorses unbiblical lifestyles, then you've got a problem.


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