Thursday, January 29, 2009

More bailout

I'm wondering why we are upset that Merrill Lynch/Bank of America spent 1.2 million on an office refurbishment during a recession? Where do you think that money went? It went to pay contractors, who needed work. It bought furniture, carpet, supplies. It paid salaries, which paid bills, bought lunches, groceries. Isn't the point to get the industries of America moving? Spending again?

And why are we wanting Citibank to not take delivery of their corporate jet? and sell off some the ones they have? Used planes are problematic, just like used cars, used books, used CDs...nobody makes money producing them, unless the seller buys a new one! Are we wanting jobs for anyone except for the people who make airplanes? When I was a teenager, my Scoutmaster worked for a company that did some of the corporate modifications on jets. Does he not deserve a job? What about carpenters, electricians on the above remodeling? These aren't wasted dollars. They are dollars being spent. True, they are not going to eliminate the children Nancy Pelosi doesn't want born.

But they will go to support jobs, wage earners, people with families, people who have insurance premiums to pay, tuition, bills, food to buy. Rather than bogging down into red tape. Isn't that what needs to happen? Not more money into government programs that allows it to be lost. If that's where it's going, then the bailout should include buying one of these for everyone.

Well, time to get back to work. I've got to try and save money to pass on to my kids, since they'll inherit the most indebted nation ever on earth. Hopefully they'll pay it off before it crushes America.


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