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Blogs I read

In case you've ever wondered, here are some of the blogs I read, and why I read them:

First, there's Ann's Blogs, which I read because she has good stuff to say, and because she's my wife. The stuff she has is good, and would be even if she weren't my wife, but I know it's there. She blogs for herself at: and

And does family updates here:

Second, I read Aaron and Joanna are friends of ours who went to the Solomon Islands with Wycliffe Bible Translators. It's great to keep up with their family and their work.

I read a group blog at, because the guys there have some good challenging thoughts, and because they have good theology. Plus, they spend lots of time with Photoshop making cool graphics, or scouring the net for great pictures like this one (read through the post, look at the truck on top of the very expensive sports car.). All in all, teampyro is a great use of a few minutes. Just don't wade into the comment stream unless you are capable of defending your position, and can take criticism. Not just from the Team, but from the commenters. It's lively over there some days.

From reading TeamPyro, I started reading Biblical Christianity, which is Dan Phillips, from TeamPyro, and his personal blog. Most everything on Pyro is serious, not everything on Phillips is serious. It's the difference in hearing a sermon every Sunday, and hanging out with a preacher during the week.

I've been reading to keep up with Randy and Valerie Hall's efforts to adopt 5 additional orphans from the Ukraine. They adopted 2 previously in life, and this will raise their family to 10 children. Randy Hall is in charge of StudentLife, which puts together the most fabulous youth camps in existence. Even given that some of them are at the beach, which I have a strong dislike for, the Student Life ministry organization is one of the best. Their personal minsitry work is very challenging, as they are involved in Eastern Europe, which is a passion that Ann and I have, and they are also growing their family and showing the love of Christ through adoption, which is another question we're trying to answer over here.

I read Anne Jackson at because she has some good insights into non-traditional churches and what goes on there. And because she was nice enough to let me review her book, even though she's never met me, and I wasn't totally glowing over it.

I check out because there are usually some great links over there.

I read because Ruthanne is a friend from high school, and she homeschools, does a lot of homemade things, and has some good insights.

I read because Pastor Jeff is a friend from right now, and it's nearly impossible to sit down and talk to him, so I read what he says instead. It's a good way to keep up.

I also read some others, like Mark Cater (and Mark Cater, Weatherman!) when he posts, and several others. It's hard to put out an exhaustive list.

Tomorrow I'll post blogs I write, and blogs I'd like to write....


  1. Woo. You totally redid your blog! It looks awesome. And I made your list. I feel honored. :D

    Now, I need to check out some of the other blogs you metioned.

  2. Well, you had a cool, non-standard blog, and my wife has a cool, non-standard blog, and the guys down here have some cool templates. So, I had to get one...

    Thanks for thinking it looks awesome!

  3. Greetings Doug, I encourage you to come over and check my blog out sometime. See:
    My blogging aim is to provide fresh thinking about Christian ministry. God bless!

    Rev Mark

  4. Rev Mark,

    I actually have looked at yours some, I'm tracking you on Facebook. Preacher blogs that I missed include yours, Voddie Baucham at, and a few others.

    Good stuff. You're in New Zealand, correct?

  5. Wow. I made a pretty stellar list! That's humbling. Thanks for the linkup. Also, the new design template is very attractive. Much more compelling. I read you from Bloglines most days so wasn't aware of the new design until I started getting hits from your site off this post.

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to Tuesday lunch!

  6. Yes I am am Aussie living in New Zealand. Thanks for your interest.


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