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Blogs I write

Ok, I just re-read my post from yesterday and realized I promised this today: Blogs I write.

What do I write? Well, I write this blog, I even do my own spelling...

I also write a blog at This is my church's website, and where I am not only the Pastor, but also the guy who tries to keep up the website. Mostly, that blog is cut and pasted from this blog, because I'd rather copy and paste a decent blog post than create two really lousy ones. The more personal things stay just here, but most stuff goes both places. Also, several of my church members utilize internet access at work, and their employer firewalls out blogspot addresses. So, I say the same thing both places.

I write a short, hopefully challenging, devotional type blog at This was born out of a desire to separate some of my personal blogging and more random thoughts from serious, devotional type thoughts. My hope is to provide a brief, daily (almost) Biblical encouragement for Christians. It's also supposed to get me and my fellow believers to act. But, it is only my thoughts, not a place where I've copied and pasted anybody elses. Eventually, I'll probably double-blog it over at, but I haven't done it yet.

(side note: is powered/designed/enabled by, and those guys are great! If you are in need of a church webspace, or are dissatisfied with who you have, I'd check them out.)

I sometimes contribute to but Ann does most of that. She's the one who sees what happens most, and so sometimes I find myslef reading that blog to see what's up in my own family.

As a crazy thought, I started a blog that was "The Bible Haiku Project" and is now "Doug's Haiku Project." Why did it change? Got a phone call from a guy informing me that he had trademarked the phrase "Bible Haiku." Who knew it was worth trademarking? Anyway, the idea there is, when the mood strikes, I put up English-haiku about Biblical subjects, goofy subjects, sports, and politics. Why? Because sometimes it helps clear mental blocks when sermon planning! I once wrote 3 pages of haiku when I was supposed to write a paper. That cleared the nonsense out, and then I wrote a decent paper (95/100, grad school). Also, Haiku accepts comments of haiku, and I do occasionally post other people's haiku.

Because of political angst, I'm running for President in 2012. I actually announced this over a year ago, and have a blog which is my political effort. It's at It's a place that I vent my political opinions. Are my solutions the only possible ones? No. But I like mine better.

Note that doug for president is now because I want to express my opinions on things from any level, and don't want any particular President to feel left out.

I occasionally blog at and but those are more used for church announcements and such. So, while they are in my 'blog dashboard,' I don't do much intentional writing for them. I was going to, but instead decided to keep my thoughts on my own blog. Also, several of my church members have the 'send-to' posting address so that they can put stuff up on these blogs.

A project I started, but that doesn't get much traffic, is called I wanted to set-up a site that people could post questions, and have someone give them a Bible-based answer to their question. Well, my congregation isn't very inquisitive, so there aren't many questions yet. My goal for this was to expand and involve other pastors and churches. So, if you are a pastor or church member that wants to spread the word, please do! Long-term, I would like to have a writing team for that site that includes a broader base of viewpoints than just my own to help answer questions.

A blog that shows up in my profile is entitled 'Doug's Digital Journal.' Which is private, which is why there is no hyperlink there. That's where I will copy and paste things that I want to refer back to, or where I will type out personal journal entries. I don't do much of that, but I do sometimes.

Finally, there's a blog entitled "Throwback Families" which is a project I hope to start this year. I just went ahead and snagged the name. The idea is a blog for families like mine, and others we know, that are trying to step back a little from some of our modern chaos, and strengthen their family. This project hasn't kicked off yet, but I'll be looking for authors soon. It's not a blog to bash everything, nor is it a blog for Ludites, but for people who want to stop, evaluate their lives, and maybe take a step back.

The idea for the title came from watching football. Occasionally teams will wear 'Throwback Uniforms' that look like the designs used by teams gone by. Usually way by. But, those teams still play by modern rules, use modern safety equipment, and use modern methods. They take some of the style of yesteryear, and use it again. So, 'Throwback Families' take some of the good of times before, and mix it with today's life. Examples come from homeschoolers, home cooks, home bakers, people that make Christmas presents instead of buying them, church starters, people that sell what they've got and go into farming, and people that make their own guns. While some of this blog will certainly address the spiritual, and my own declaration is that there is only one way to heaven, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, it's not a blog for Christians to bash the 'evil world' around us. It's about finding encouragement and tips about what to do.

I plan to hit up my wife, a couple of my friends, and 4 or 5 of her friends to help with this project.

All of my blogger-based blogs use Statcounter to track stats, even my digital journal, which I check stats on and make sure I'm the only URL to hit it. I don't know why I don't use google analytics, other than that I didn't know I had it when I started blogging, and Statcounter does everything I need for free, so why change? I use Feedjit on some of my stuff, and, yes, have a google adsense account. In 6 months of blogging, I've earned $2.63! So, in about 5 years, Google will have to cut me a check! So, I'm not exactly a professional blogger....


  1. Again, another great post. I'll have to follow up on the Blogs I Read/Write idea over at Notes.

    Love the concept of Throwback Families... I also would love to consider writing with on a site we could develop called "Thowback Churches."

  2. Hmm...Throwback Churches...sounds like a good idea. We've got lunch Tuesday to talk about that too, right?

    Oh, and for those of you who read this, links to Jeff, who is a pastor and graphic designer. He needs business too, not just the AdvancedMinistry guys I mentioned. I just didn't know him when I set up the church website, and he doesn't work for free!

  3. Just as an aside, since this post seems to still get traction:

    I no longer pastor in Monticello, but instead in Almyra. Bubbatherevthoughts is gone and I now do

    I occasionally contribute to and review some materials at (check the "reviews" section.)

    It's much simpler now: if it's a thought or idea, it's here at or there at If it's a homeschool-related product/book/material review and not on here, it's at

    That's my writing in a nutshell.


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