Monday, August 10, 2015

Sermon Recap for August 9

Another Monday rolls around…we’re trying a new camera angle for recording. You’ll see that for the morning recording. We tried a different file format for the evening and the sound was, well, baaad…I think it was the camera not the sound guy.

Morning Sermon: Clean this up! John 2:13-23 (audio)

Primary Theological Point: What should we learn? God did not put us here to check boxes of details but to worship Him for His grace and mercy.

Primary Practical Point: What should we do? Stop it. All of the focus on the external appearance of Baptistiness and focus on the inward growth of discipleship. Then it will show externally.

Take Home Action: Next Sunday, shift 5 minutes from your appearance preparation and put it into prayer.

Evening Sermon: Joshua 9 (audio)

Primary Theological Point: What should we learn? Critical decisions should be brought before the Lord.

Primary Practical Point: What should we do? Start and finish our days with prayer and listening to God's Word (THE BIBLE, PEOPLE!) so that we are not caught unprepared for decisions.

Take Home Action: Keep your commitments, but be careful in making them.

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