A brief thought on Psalm 23

For tonight at church, I’ve been working through Psalm 23. Some of you, I’m certain, will have already thought about this. It was a new observation for me.

Psalm 23:1 opens with the idea of YHWH as a shepherd. That is, God is personally involved in the well-being and care-taking for His own. In this case, that’s David. A shepherd travels with his sheep, goes wherever they are. It’s a mobile life. Which is great for some people, and for most of us at some time.

Psalm 23:6, though, gives us a different angle on YHWH. Here there is a house to dwell in. Catch the pair of items happening?

On the one hand, wherever you are, God is personally involved in your continued existence and meeting your needs. On the other hand, there is a stable, lasting place that is His. And for His people, that is where they will head forever.

So whether your life is stable or mobile, God is not waiting for you to show up somewhere else. He is right there, ever-present in your life.


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