July 5 2009

Proverbs 5:3-4(HCSB) ->You cannot judge the rightness of a relationship based on its initial appearances and happiness.

Proverbs 5:16-17(HCSB) ->Is there something here about encouraging our wives to dress modestly? Or about seeking in a wife someone who is already in that habit? Portions of her beauty are not for strangers.

Proverbs 5:21(HCSB) ->All things are considered by the Lord, all of our paths are before His eyes. Even the stuff we keep from other people's eyes!

1 Peter 1:18(ESV) ->What we have inherited from our fathers is a futile way of life: this is true of us as much as of those Peter is writing to directly. We have inherited a futile way of self-promotion, materialism, and consumerism. We must bring those things under submission of God's word and His ways. The ideals of life may be good, but they do not redeem us!

Galatians 5:19-20 ->Do we take this list seriously? Do we consider how our attitudes reflect these things?

Quote: "I need a weekly counter-cultural experience to counter the culture that I’m in. I need to counteract the popular culture in my life." Robert J. Morgan, from his blog post "Why go to church?" (And from his sermon today)

Moving toward the Horizon,


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