Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Ok, I have some serious things to announce:


No, it's not a get-rick quick scheme. But some of the blogs I follow are having giveaways. One of them gives me an additional chance to win by mentioning their giveaway. One of them lives in my house, and I like to make her happy. So, here's the links:

Cal.vini.st is giving away a copy of BibleWorks 8 this week! Check it out soon. Or procrastinate, since my chances of winning are better if you don't. You'll need to read the question about what new feature has been added in BibleWorks 8, so follow their link to BibleWorks to find out. (In case you're wondering, giveaways like this usually are a mutual promotion deal. Cal.vini.st is given the software to giveaway to drive their traffic, while BibleWorks has them structure the giveaway to drive traffic to their site. The hope being that if you don't win, you'll be super-impressed with what you learn looking up the features that you'll buy it. I would, if my computer would run it!)

The other giveaway:

My wife, Ann, has been doing book reviews for various authors and publishers. Right now, she's giving away a copy of Kathi Macias's book How can I run a tight ship when I'm surrounded by loose cannons? It's primarily a women's book, but, men, what better gift to get your wife than a book that's encouraging AND free? So, click through, read, and comment.


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