Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No profiling!

Just remember, you can't assume someone is a violent terrorist just because they become a Muslim.

Tell that to William Long of Conway. Shot by a convert to Islam. Carlos Bledsoe became a Muslim, changed his name to Abdulhakim Muhammad, and then decided to go shoot American military personnel.

Here's the link.

You'll note that Muhammad is called the accused shooter. It's nice of the media to give him a presumption of innocence. I wonder if they've adjusted the articles about the killing of Abortionist Tiller in Kansas. The first articles referred to Scott Roeder simply as the shooter, the killer, the assassin in one article. Interesting, isn't it? A Muslim terrorist who cold-bloodedly slaughters a guy fresh home from boot camp gets presumed innocent. A man who murders a child-killer gets assumed guilty.

And you wonder what's going on here? Becaue I sure do.

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