Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1 2009

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I was so excited about becoming part owner of GM and GMAC that I couldn't hardly stand myself. But, comrades, here I am to catch up.

Proverbs 1:19(ESV) ->The preceding warning is to all who are greedy and take from the innocent.

1 Timothy 6:20 ->Getting bogged down arguing with people is generally unproductive.
Knowledge ->the study note assumes this is specifically gnosticism. But: 1. Gnosticism is just beginning to form as an definitive group at this point; 2. There are many forms of knowledge that claim to disprove Christianity. It is unnecessary to limit the definition.

1 Timothy 6:21 -> Gone astray ->there are some who are with the church but not in it, and they falter away.

Quote: "When you talk, you repeat what you already know; when you listen, you often learn something." -Jordan Sparks

Thought #1: 2 ears, 1 mouth, for a reason.

Thought #2: There are times for both. Ecclesiastes 3.

Moving toward the Horizon,

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