Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today I will Preach

I’ve never been much of a poetic person, but I’m calling this an attempt at poetry because these days the only rule for poetry is that you can not follow grammar rules.  A poem doesn’t have to rhyme or even make sense, although there is some rhyming here and it made sense to me when I blurted out the words.

Today I will preach
I will get up
I will clean up
I will put on a suit
Lately, I have studied
I have prepared my words
I have sought out His words
I will stand before the body
I will stand before His body
I will stand, before that, I must kneel
I do not hope to motivate
I do not hope to captivate
I hope to not equivocate
Today I have nothing to offer
I am neither the eldest
Nor the smartest or wisest
Not even the funniest
I have nothing
No words that heal
No words that soothe
No adequate words
Only words not my own
Words owned by Him
My explanation perhaps
Yet His Word controls
Today I will preach
I may yet falter
I may yet fail
The Word never will
The Word precedes
The Word protects
The Word will persevere
Let the world forget me
Yet while I remain, let me stand
Let me arise, prepare, and kneel
My Lord may be done with me soon
But Today, I will preach.


Thanks for reading…now go find a good poet and get this one cleared out….


  1. Hey Doug,

    You're a poet and you didn't know it. My wife, who has a Master's in English, said very excitedly, "That's really good!" So, I think that means your poem is a) a poem and b) really good.

    Actually, it is so good, I was wondering if you would mind if I print it on nice paper, matte frame it, and give it to my pastor for Christmas? (Giving you credit for it, of course.)

    May I?
    May I?

  2. Sorry, don't know why my last line showed up twice.

  3. Anthony,

    Feel free to! If someone that survived the torture of a first English degree, much less a second, says it's good, I'll take that.

    And you can put the credit on the back so it's invisible if you want to.


  4. Doug,

    That's awesome. Inspiring.

    Well done, you.


  5. Thank you, Julie. Did you get your clear skies yet?

  6. In bits and pieces... but mostly rain. I don't really mind too much.



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