Monday, October 5, 2009

Daily Journal, October 5 2009

Daily Journal

October 5, 2009


Quote to ponder: This much is clear: a nyone whose sayings they decline to fulfill, they have refused to believe. Gregory the Great

Exodus 20:1-4; 7-9; 12-20 →In summary: I shall live by the Word of the One True God and be guided by Him into righteous interaction with my fellow man.

Joshua 1:6 → “You shall give” But I thought God was giving the land? Ah, so you see that divine grace and sovereignty are frequently operated through human actors. So you see, perhaps, a picture of salvation: God promised the land, and God will provide the land, but Joshua will be the visible hand. So, we are the visible hand of delivering God's promised salvation.

Romans 1:5 → “Among all the Gentiles” →Do we see here the Biblical mandate to pick and choose where we preach and to whom? Ah, no, we see the opposite: All Gentiles. All the world. The option does not exist to “target” our ministry to the exclusion of others.

Ann and I were talking about Luke 16 and managing unrighteous wealth. The comparison is that, basically, the wealth of this world is unrighteous in comparison to the treasure of obedience to God. That wealth, if we try to own it and hold it will, almost automatically, draw us away from trust and obedience. I'm reminded of the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien. If you've read the work, you know that the “Ring” in question is a ring of power. The good and wise refuse to use the power of the ring, even against powerful enemies, because they fear what owning that power will do to them. It's an excellent picture of unrighteous wealth and its hold on us. When we claim it, it begins to destroy us. Read the books, they're worth your time...


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