Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gospel Haiku

Ok, a few days ago I posted a book review, and at the end made a comment about writing haiku. So, I thought I'd introduce a question, and ask for submissions. Go to comments and post your own haiku, and we'll publish them all up.

Traditionally, haiku are Japanese poetry. In English, they are written with 3 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third line, and seven syllables in the second. Like this:

Lo, the rose blooms now
for hearts seeking truth wonder
where is the answer

There is an additional element. Most haiku contain a seasonal reference. It's not usually blatant, like:

In Springtime battle
great king watches balcony
uh-oh, bathing girl.

See how 'spring' was the word? That's not quite right. Something subtle, like referring to a sign of a season:

The Gridiron fills
from puplit focus departs
let the games begin!

See the football reference? subtle, yet denoting a season.

Okay, so what we're after are haiku that depict life, most especially Christian life or Biblical stories. Have fun. If we get enough, or find some other prolific haiku writers, we'll start our own haiku blog.



  1. Geez, let me try:

    The preaching hour begins,
    3 points and "in conclusion",
    ahh, my stomach growls....

    I know that is baaad!!!!

  2. Another try:

    Ah, the tailgate drops
    a ringtail climbs up a tree
    it's in a hole dog

    (Raccoon hunting or like they say it around here, coon season.)

  3. Hey, Mark! You've got talent! I think you should get Doug to let you be an author! :-)


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