Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent Devotional #21

Today's devotion from Goshen College:


By Michael Sherer, director of Information Technology Services

THIS WEEK’S THEME: A light for revelation


There is a mystical quality in language, particularly metaphorical language. We know what light is in concrete terms, but when John says that Jesus is the light, his purpose in choosing those words was not so much for them to be understood as to be pondered.

Jesus is the light. Light illuminates; light reveals; light purifies; light contrasts with darkness; it symbolizes truth and knowledge and wisdom; it is associated with happiness and optimism. And so if Jesus is the light, then we can ponder all the layers of meaning of light and what it means for Jesus to be our light. We can ponder them for hours or even a lifetime and still discover new insights that enrich our spiritual lives.

This week's theme, "A Light for Revelation," is more specific but still leaves plenty of room for the pondering of mystery. What specifically is Jesus revealing? God?
Truth? Wisdom? The way we should live? God's plan for our lives? The future? We cannot know for sure. We can only ponder, and savor the mystery.


God, in this holy week of Christmas, help us to turn our hearts and minds towards you in devotion and wonder at the gift of Your son Jesus, light of the world. As we walk through the story and symbols and experiences of this blessed season, reveal to us Your way and Your will in the light that is Jesus Christ. Amen.

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