Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Parade observations

Last night, Ann and I took the kids to the Monticello Christmas Parade. We also went to Union Bank's Christmas Open House. We liked the alligator! Although the Santa hat made him less menacing.

Here's some random observations on the Christmas parade:

1. Okay, night parade is great so you can see lights on floats. However, either the beauty queens need to be on a well-lit float, or stay home. Some of those girls were freezing, sitting on cars, and you couldn't see them!

2. Somehow, some way, we need to teach kids to respect each other. There's more to life than shoving another kid so you can pick up candy out of the street. We wonder why they grow up to be mean teenagers when we start them at 7,8,9,10 to push their way past other kids over cheap candy thrown in the street.

3. Monticello PD are very patient folks.

4. Parades are more fun we you aren't in them. I marched the Jacksonville, Arkansas Christmas parade 5 times. 2 times it was freezing, one of those it was sleeting too. Another time it was 70, closing in on 80 degrees (it was a daytime parade).

5. Shady Grove Church has got some trusting people to go in angel slings on a parade!

That's about it....


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