Build-up makes it harder

I have a friend who posted on her twitter feed about going to the dentist, and it being less than pleasant, since she hadn't been in a year.

I haven't been in 14 years. The buildup of stuff that needs corrected is going to be enormous when I go next year. I just don't look forward to it. But I am going to go, anyway. Why? Because I have realized that I can't keep my teeth on my own. I need help from someone more knowledgeable, more skillful.

So are we all, spiritually. If you haven't found someone to help you with your journey with Christ, someone to help you understand and grow in your knowledge of God's word, find someone. Find a church, find a Sunday School class, find a local preacher. Finding a good tv/radio/podcast preacher is ok, but not the same thing as being in church. Find someone to help you grow. We all need it.
Moving toward the Horizon,


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