Thursday, October 30, 2008

Politics---one more time

Ok, the election is less than a week away. So, by now, most of us know who the choices are, and what the issues are. In case you're wondering about my intentions, here they are:

I'm an Arkansas voter, so we have 3 State Constitution amendments to vote on. I intend to vote against them all.

Amendment #1 has some good things, but also will allow the State Legislature to approve State employees becoming election monitors. This is akin to allowing the fox to decide on who guards the henhouse. The removal of the 'idiot and insane' clause is good, but this adjustment is not. Bundling two separate issues like this is done to blur the decision. You can market to people to vote for Amendment #1 because it 'removes archaic language' from the state Constitution, without pointing out that it will allow the Legislature to start processes where the state's employees will be handing out ballots, verifying ballots, etc...this is a setup for trouble.

Amendment #2 moves us towards a full-time legislature. Bad idea. The more time legislators spend in Capitol buildings, the less time they have to live with their laws. Also, the more money necessary to operate. The legislature should have to try and make a living in the environment they create.

Amendment #3 opens the door for the state lottery. I have a better plan: since we're being told that we could use $100 Million for scholarships, and the reality is that it will cost $400 million paid in to the lottery, a -75% return, why don't we just ask the people pushing for this, including our Lt. Governor, to front the money? They've spent plenty on advertising...and where does the other $300 Million go? Not to prizes...that formula will be worked out between the legislature and the lottery companies, but don't expect more than $100 million to come back out, with $200 million for operations. And no, that won't be 4000 new $50,000/year a jobs. It will be several 6-digit jobs for cronies, a few survival jobs for real workers, and the rest lost into the pockets of corruption and private profit.

Then there is Initiated Act 1, the Adoption Act. I'll vote for it, knowing that eventually it will probably be struck down. I'll vote for it, then work to strengthen the efforts of Believers and churches in Arkansas to provide for all of the Adoptive and foster care needs in this state. There ought to be more than enough Christians capable of taking care of our Arkansas kids that we have waiting list for parents, and no children waiting. Family action on this will come...

Then there is some Question about bonds for sewer and water. I'm not really in favor of $300 million of public debt, but I also like the sewage to go away and the water to come.

Then there are people:

President: Sorry, Senators, but neither of you inspire me to confidence in the future. Senator Obama will take what people have earned and give it to those who haven't, which dis-incentives hard work. Also, based on international polling, most of the countries that have policies we don't like, like Senator Obama. Why should we vote for someone that terror-states like Iran favor? And the endorsement of France is good for wine and cheese, but really, what have they done since Napoleon? (who was an egomaniacal dictator, who, in fact, lost both of his wars)

Senator McCain is a wealthy, long-time Senator. I don't like that he couldn't honor his first marriage vows, but I appreciate that he knows it is a failure. His service to our country in war is admirable, but, being medically ineligible for military service, I know there are other ways to be a patriot. I'm concerned that his age and wealth detach him from the problems of ordinary Americans.

Chuck Baldwin from the Constitution Party seems like a good choice, but running the nation is different from leading a church. Moreover, he doesn't believe in his chances to win, otherwise he would have at least stepped aside temporarily to campaign. Moreso, some of the rhetoric from the Party is a little to far.

Ralph Nader believes that government exists to protect people from their own stupidity. That, and from Chevy Corvairs. Fortunately, we have enough regulation and taxation in our country, that Chevy is nearly out of business, and is merging in Chrysler, eliminating one American car company altogether. 1 down, 2 to go...don't think we need him moving any more manufacturing from our country by increased regulation.

Cynthia McKinney, Green Party---believed as a Congresswoman that she shouldn't be subject to even being slowed down by Capitol Police, and shoved the officer or hit him, or who knows, because, after all, she said it didn't happen, and he said it did....but we don't need a President who has no respect for the law. We've been there for many, many years (more than just 7 or 8)

So, who will I vote for? Probably McCain. He seems the least repugnant. I agree with his spoken stance on moral issues, as I do with Baldwin, but McCain has a chance to handle some security issues. Plus, he will very likely be 1 term, giving us a fresh opportunity in 2012. Also, it will aggravate France if he wins. And what will they do about it? Send us bad cheese?

US Senator: Mark Pryor or Rebekah Kennedy? Neither. I'll either leave it blank or write in Jeff Noble. I can't stomach voting for someone who wants to butcher unborn children for medical research. Sorry Senator, but taking human life for science is wrong. Period. And until I see Green Party members personally eschewing cars, or jet aircraft, I will doubt their seriousness. I can't believe that we couldn't get anyone from a life party in this race. Next time, call me or someone who can at least take a shot.

US House: Mike Ross seems like a good guy, but why does he associate with people that he disagrees with? He wants the easy election of being a democrat in South Arkansas, but wants to oppose abortion and gun control, to keep the people happy. Meanwhile, he keeps in power a party that wants to take our guns and kill babies. Mike, take a stand! You get my vote this year, but not next time if you don't go ahead risk your political neck for what's right.

Local elections: Apparently, no one is running against Allan Maxwell to represent us in the State Legislature. Don't know him, and can't find what he actually believes about issues, other than his state legislator bio, which is conflicting, since the (D) means in favor of abortion, gay marriage, and government sponsored atheism, and the (Baptist) means in favor of life, Biblical Marriage, and that the government should not be hostile towards any religion, including Christianity. Will write in someone else.

What will the above write-ins do? Not prevent someone's election, but, perhaps, if someone is running virtually unopposed and only gets 80% of the vote, maybe they will listen.

Would vote against alcohol sales if that was my district. It isn't.

Haven't had time to hear about local people seeking re-election, if any. Probably will leave blank.

For those of you who wonder, I am a registered member of a 3rd party, not Republican or Democrat. I'm tired of people of faith being played by all politician, and I'm tired of people voting mindlessly for elephants and donkeys just because mom, dad, granny or pa did.

That's the politics. Until 2012, when the Doug for President Campaign gets underway.....and that's true no matter who wins!

Do I think anyone will read this? Not likely....but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway.

What are your thoughts? Post a comment...

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  1. I read it. Who knows, I might even vote for you?

    Glad you got all that off your chest?



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