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I wanted to share this story this morning.   Imagine, if you will, preaching in Drew county for 5 years and having that result in 60 believers, and those 60 are the only ones!  We are so blessed to have the freedoms we have in America and to have the abundance of Christians, churches, Bibles, and resources of buildings and money that we have.  Our hearts should be moved to reach the world for Christ!  And we should do so wherever God has blessed us with the ability to do it.  That means at work, at wal-mart, and around the world!

I hope that you will join me in praying for how we, as Calvary Baptist Church, can be a part of God's plan to extend His kingdom! - Stories » Archive » Family camps bring many Roma to Christ in Poland
Family camps bring many Roma to Christ in Poland
October 21st, 2008

by Natalie Kaspar

Eight Romany believers led more than 80 Roma in worship during the fifth year of family camps started by International Mission Board workers Jerry and Brenda Goss. The number of believers is quite a contrast from the camp’s first year, when no Christ-followers from the people group existed.

More than 1,000 of the country’s 30,000 Roma have clearly heard the Gospel through the Goss’ ministry, resulting in 60 Romany believers within a 30-kilometer radius. Not only have members of this people group responded to the message of salvation through Christ, but also Jerry said he’s seen Romany men become leaders in home groups and grow in their personal walks with the Lord.

“It’s the work of the Holy Spirit,” he said. “It is awesome to see God work; to see Him transform lives is indescribable.”

Sharing Christ with illiterate Roma who enjoy fighting and drinking can be trying, but Jerry said the Lord continues to prove himself faithful.

“God has shown me … it’s not about me at all,” he said. “I’m utterly dependent on (Him) for all things.”

The five-day Romany summer camp rules are three-fold, requiring that everyone avoids alcohol, refrains from fighting and attends all Bible studies and worship services. FUGE* campers and volunteer teams from the United States have funded the events.

Future Romany outreaches in 2009 are scheduled for March 6-15, when FUGE leaders plan to volunteer for a family camp; March 15-22, when Liberty University students hope to minister through village outreach; and July 18-25, when International World Changers plan to help lead a family camp.

The Roma team based in Krakow, Poland, expanded in numbers beyond the Goss family last week as it gained Journeyman Lindsay Cade. Lindsay was a summer missionary to eastern Poland before committing to a two-year term. Jerry said her music skills will be an asset and blessing to the team.

“Music is an international language,” he said, noting many Roma will be attracted to her guitar talents. He also pointed out “fresh eyes are always good.”

Explore short- or long-term partnerships with the Goss’ ministry to the Roma of Poland by contacting Jerry and Brenda at <contact Doug for email>.

*FUGE is an organization of LifeWay summer camps, many of which have a missional focus.

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  1. Thank you so much for calling people's attention to Poland and CEE in this way!


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