Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, we're back on the blog. I was hoping that I would be bought out as a failed blogger by the US Government, but apparently, since I don't contribute to campaigns, I'm not eligible for help. So, back to trying hard to watch spending, not send out more than comes in, and pay off debt rather than increase it.

Wow, what a concept! Did you know that, if I do those 3 things, within 20 years almost 50% of my income will be disposable income. That means that 20 years from now, with the kids out of the house, Ann and I will be able to tithe, eat, have a roof over our heads, transportation, and be able to fund mission trips, church activities, and help people in need! Most of this will actually be sooner than 20 years!

Unfortunately, although most of us live this way, and if you've got a small business, you definitely do this, the US Congress doesn't see the need to do the same. Instead, Congress feels that the solution to economic trouble is more debt. Here's the problem: that $700000000000 will be sold as bonds, which some investors will buy, providing the national debt funding. The national debt will rise to over $11000000000000, most of this is owed to bond-holders. These bond-holders are people, businesses, funds, foreign governments (that should have been illegal. The US Government has to pay China!) that otherwise could be doing the following: Buying stock in businesses to strengthen their finances. Buying real estate, buying community bonds (cities and states often use bonds to finance improvements), buying corporate bonds (which companies sometimes issue to raise money to expand, offer more jobs), buying church bonds (which allow churches to build, expand, reach more people!). This money could be invested in research. Or paid as dividends. Or left in CDs at banks, which increases the bank's assets, so banks don't fail!

So, where do we go now? I tell you where: to the One whose economy doesn't ever fail. We cannot lose our focus on God just because of market failures or bank issues. As believers, the most important thing we have is a relationship with the One True God. Apart from Him, we're doomed. Will life be easy in a time of economic turmoil? Christians will lose jobs just like lost people. Christians will see their retirement funds go down, their taxes go up. What we have is God to watch out for us. We may have to see ourselves back in a community like the book of Acts, where, since almost everyone was poor, they shared with everyone in the church family. Those who were wealthy gave up their wealth for the family.

For those of us with American Independence deep in our souls, who were raised to revere self-reliance, this will be hard to cope with. However, let's see what else happened there: 3000 saved in a day, people healed. Preachers could preach half the night until someone dies, then raise him from the dead, and preach until day break! I'd love to see all of these things, except maybe preaching all night. If we took turns, it would be great!

I will say this: we have little to truly fear about the coming times, because He has promised to be with us. Let's hold on to that!

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