Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sermon Wrap-up January 22

I feel like I've been through these parts of Matthew before, but apparently I need to keep better records, because I'm not finding it. So, I hit these passages in Matthew. Next week, Nehemiah, I believe.

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Morning Sermon: Matthew 8:18-27

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Challenges before seeing the greatness

I. Abandonment of all that you have

What will you not surrender?

II. Abandonment by all that you have counted on

What do you rely on?

Where does your strength come from?

III. Abandonment of any hope

Are you perishing yet?

Are you really just struggling?

IV. Astonishment at the work of God

Consider what price you are willing to pay?


Evening sermon: Matthew 8:14-17

Not much by way of outline here, just this question: What are you doing with the healing from sin you received? Been healed? Then get busy!

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