Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sermon Outlines from February 28

Text: Matthew 6:24

Theme: focus!

Date: February 28, 2010 AM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. We live in a world that often presents us with exclusive choices:

    1. Paper or plastic?

    2. Republicans or Democrats?

    3. VHS or Beta? (for all of you older folks)

    4. X-Box or Wii (for all of you younger folks)

    5. PC or Mac?

    6. Thin crust or deep dish?

    7. And the classic Baptist choice: Original or Extra Crispy?

  1. Likewise, Jesus presents us with an exclusive choice here: God or Mammon

    1. For now, let's assume we all know God

    2. Who or what is a mammon?

      1. It's a direct transliteration of the Hebrew word for “money”

      2. While “mammon” is sometimes seen as a specific false deity representing wealth, it's really just about money

  2. So, Jesus is presenting his followers that they must choose between God and money as their master

  3. How do we know what we're serving?

    1. Take a look at verse 25: “For this reason”

    2. What is the source of our stress?

    3. Our worries about material things are evidence that we haven't decided to serve God only

  4. What do we do?

    1. 6:33-34: seek first His kingdom, His righteousness, and deal with today's stress in obedience to Him



Text: Philippians 2:12-13

Theme: Work it out!

Date: February 28 2010 PM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. What drives our obedience?

    1. Is it the eyes of others?

    2. Is it fear of the judgment of God?

    3. Is it that we respond out of our love for God?

  2. What drives us will impact our depth of obedience

  3. What does it mean to work out our salvation with “Fear” and “Trembling”

    1. One thought:

      1. Fear is emotional/mental

      2. Trembling is physical

      3. So, it's a combined response of our minds and bodies

    2. Other thoughts:

      1. Fear as respect of God

      2. Trembling---

  4. What does the work do?

    1. It changes us

    2. Into who God intends for us to be:

  5. What choice do we have?

    1. Not a lot....

    2. God works in us for His purposes

  6. What should we see?

    1. The Long view:

    2. We are moving toward eternity

    3. It may or not make sense or be easy now

    4. Consider it in light of God's perspective

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