Proverbs 2

Proverbs 2:6-8-> These verses speak of the Lord giving wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


One of the things I find here is in Proverbs 2:7: God stores up sound wisdom for the upright.  There's a lot of teaching these days that claims God stores up material wealth for His people, that we somehow guaranteed financial standing from our relationship with Him.


Yet it's not here.  I haven't really found it any place else either.  I see many places where we're told troubles will come.  We see examples of people that lose most everything they had to follow God's ways.  We also see highlighted exceptions where God intervenes, but we're never guaranteed that these will happen to us.


What I see here is that sound wisdom is what is guaranteed. That He also shields us in our integrity. 


What does it mean?  That what truly matters is what is guaranteed.  Not that we will always have food or drink, wealth or houses. 


The promises of God are not as tied up in the American Dream as we try to make them some times.


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