Sermon Recap for October 8

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October 8: Proverbs 18 (audio)

Solomon’s gathered wisdom.
The two “Women” the king must choose between: Wisdom or Folly
A slice of the wisdom Solomon;
Remember that the Proverbs are NOT random
Use Dan Philips definition of Living Skillfully in Fear of YHWH
v. 1: The need for community
v. 2: Are we listening? Or just broadcasting?
v. 3: Wickedness does not just affect the wicked
v. 4: Is what you say a fountain of wisdom?
v. 5: Innocence and guilt matters
v. 6: If everything you say leads to trouble, you may just be a fool
v. 7: Again: Foolish blather will destroy you.
v. 8: But it sure is easy to listen to foolish blather….
v. 9: Well….
v. 10: Who are you going to run to? Where are you going to run?


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