Monday, October 2, 2017

Sermon Recap for October 1

Before we get started—the news from Las Vegas is horrifying, which is becoming far too common. Do not become hardened to tragedy, even though it keeps happening and life must keep going for every one who isn’t right there in the midst of it.

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Last night we had Darrel Ray from Arkansas Baptists with us, and he’ll be back next Sunday night. I’m saving his sermons for their own post. And for his permission to post them.

Sunday, October 1 (direct audio)

October 1 AM Titus 2
  1. Titus, one of Paul's troubleshooters
  2. Crete--the whole island: Minotaurs and Labyrinths, Cretans and Gluttons, In the Roman province of Cyrenaica, or Cyrene--think Simon of Cyrene. And possibly the extended family of Mark
  1. Establishing leaders for the churches
  2. So that Titus can go elsewhere (Dalmatia, perhaps? 2 Timothy 4)
God-honoring people should teach others to be more like Jesus; Christ-followers should learn from other God-honoring people.
  1. Pass on what you know
  2. Learn from others
    1. Not just sit there waiting your turn
    2. Or waiting to jump in and criticize
  3. Recognize that the main mission of the church is to reach the lost and to do so we need to know the Gospel

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