Sermon Recap for July 5

Last week, VBS. This week, designated family time. Next week, guest preacher missionaries. At some point, we'll be back to evening services as normal. For now, one sermon is all I've got for you...

Text: John 1:19-28
Date & Place: EEBCAR July 5 AM (audio)

Title: Straighter Paths!

Primary Theological Point: What should we learn? Jesus reveals Himself for salvation, our job is to proclaim Him that the path is straight

Primary Practical Point: What should we do? Live and teach the way of Christ plainly.

Textual Points:
Effective question from Pharisee contingent: How dare you tell us what to do if you aren't God Himself?
  1. Setting: Bethany beyond Jordan
  2. Events: 
  3. Connections: Not the Christ
Preach Points:

We live in the wilderness--that's where the voices cry out for the paths of the Lord, that is where people seek the truth.
  1. Church: teach the whole counsel of God
  2. Salvation: whether straight or not, you need to respond to the call of Christ
  3. Mission: 
  4. Families

Take Home Action: Let your life and words be the straight path through which Jesus is clearly seen to the world.


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