Monday, July 27, 2015

Sermon Recap for July 26

The evening was business meeting, so though I talked (a lot), it’s not a sermon so it’s not here.
Morning Sermon: John 1:43-51 All of Scripture (audio)

1. Introduction
Finding out details....
2. Primary Theological Point
          The sufficiency of Scripture: focus on 1:45 "Law and the Prophets"
3. Secondary Theological Concepts
  •      Salvation/Grace
4. Primary Application Point
          Cut out adding things to Scripture. 
5. Secondary Application Point
  •      Salvation/Grace
  • Avoid false prophets like Armstrong or any other alleged church that adds to Scripture.
6. Conclusion
7. Call-to-Action/Invitation

Also, as an added link, here's the video of the sermon from the Senior Adult Focus on Thursday.

I'll get the music up sometime soon.

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