Sermon Recap for January 11

Good Morning! We began our new series yesterday as we work through Mark.

Morning Sermon: Mark 1:4-11 (audio)

One Sentence Application:

Obedience to God's word is publicly demonstrated.


I. John baptized in 

II. John said Jesus would _______ and be _________

III. Jesus baptized with ___________

IV. The Baptism of Jesus shows all ______________ of the ____________

V. We learn from this that Obedience to __________ is _________ demonstrated


Sunday Evening: Genesis 1:1

Sunday nights we will be looking at two different things:

1. What does it mean to be a Baptist?

2. The Bible Memory passage.

We’ll do these most Sunday nights, but it’s a flexible time. Stay tuned.

Due to some changes in my recording, there’s a video but nothing else.


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