Monday, August 11, 2014

Sermon Wrap-Up for August 10

Good morning. Here are the video and audio links from yesterday's messages at Almyra Baptist Church.

Morning Sermon: Daniel 3

Direct audio download here




 Summary Sentence
You can cooperate with Nebuchadnezzer for a time, but eventually he will demand all of you.

2. Background to Text

3. Major Theme in Text
What do we do when the king demands to be more?

4. Concepts of the Text
1. We cannot:

A. Hide in the back: note that H, M, A do not

B. Blend in by worshiping secretly

C. Blend by redefining what we believe to act like it doesn't matter

D. Lie and fix it later

Evening Sermon: Ezekiel 3

Direct Audio Download Here



 Summary Sentence
We have a privileged duty: to serve as the watchers on the walls of humanity.

2. Background to Text
This is part of Ezekiel's commission to serve as God's prophet:

3. Major Theme in Text
The Responsibility of the Watchman

4. Concepts of the Text
Will be the Watchers that God has called us to be?

5. Application Point
1. Do not "not tell"

2. Do not tell too much

3. Do not tell falsehoods: either in exaggeration or deception

4. Focus on the truth!


Concluding Notes:
1. I do have the rough audio of Sunday Night’s Q&A session, but I’m not sure yet that it’s useful for posting.
2. I am not sure how to improve video quality with the current equipment.
3. If you want to subscribe, here’s a list:
A. iTunes for audio subscription link is here.
B. General Audio RSS feed for other programs is here.
C. If you’re a Stitcher User, the link is here
D. For Vimeo Video, subscribe to this channel:
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4. Yes, I think I’m not getting a lot of plays on each service or hits on each blog, but in total it’s a decent reach. A social media expert might suggest changes, but this is free-to-cheap, where I have to live right now.

5. Each blog has a “Follow” button and a “Subscribe via Email” option

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