Sermon Roundup October 16

Sunday Morning Audio Link is here

I. Holiness and perfection of God:

A. Perfect, with no darkness or evil

B. No weakness either.

II. Where do we fellowship?

A. If we have darkness, can we fellowship with God?

B. Only when we have been cleansed by the blood of Christ, the atonement God made for us, can we fellowship with God

III. Our fellowship with each other hinges on our relationship with God


Sunday Evening Audio Link is here

A. Salvation is by grace through faith

B. Salvation leads to us obeying Christ

1. Works do not make us righteous

2. Works do not even earn us a favorable response from God

3. Works are part of our response of gratitude to God: we live in holiness because we can and we want to---if our hearts are made new in Christ.


Note: I'm going to try a little harder to get written outlines this week. Hopefully something that will preach and blog!



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