Sermon Round-up October 30

Here's the morning audio link

There's not an evening link because I wasn't there and didn't want my fill-in to be intimidated by the recording system. Maybe next time.

Text: 1 John 2:15-17


  1. We are finite creatures: our ability to focus is limited

    1. Focus in attention

    2. Focus in affection

  2. These two things define our heart:

    1. Attention: what we give our mental strength to

    2. Affection: what we allow to drive our emotions

    3. With these two things, our heart is given

    4. Without them, your “whole heart” isn't really in it

  3. We can give our hearts to a variety of things:

    1. Painful:

      1. Lusts of the flesh or eyes

      2. Boastful Pride

    2. Passing:

      1. Earthly pursuits

      2. Comforts

    3. Permanent

      1. Love of the Father

      2. Will of God

  4. Where is your heart?

    1. Pleasing self at the pain of your soul?

    2. Passive and taking whatever comes?

    3. Pleasing God for permanent joy?

  5. Your choice.


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